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Elmore Leonard – Maximum Bob

The New York Times bestselling author of Be Cool and Get ShortyWhen someone delivers an alligator to Judge Bob Gibbs’ porch, there’s no shortage of suspects – hard-sentencing, womanising redneck ‘Maximum Bob’ is pretty much the most unpopular man in Florida.Throw into the mix the Crowe clan – about as primitive and aggressive as any alligator – a doped-up doctor on early release with a tag, quick-witted probation officer Kathy Baker, a mermaid and a long-dead slave girl called Wanda, and things get a tad complicated. And inevitably, they don’t work out the way you might expect…

Auteur(s) :Elmore Leonard
Titre: Maximum Bob
Editeur: Rivages
Pages: 350
Langue: Français
Format: Epub



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