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David Hair – Empress of the Fall, The Sunsurge Quartet Book 1 (2017)

Desperate for the next Game of Thrones? Pick up Empress of the Fall for your full-on fix of epic fantasy.The Emperor is dead – long live the Empress!Emperor Constant is dead and his rivals are scrabbling for power – but any misstep could plunge the land, already devastated by the shocking outcome of the Third Crusade, into a calamitous civil war.The Imperial throne is not the only one in jeopardy. Two brothers, imprisoned veterans of the Crusades, finally return home to find their father’s kingdom being plundered – but the price of regaining their birthright will have far-reaching implications for the entire empire.In the East, Sultan Salim, peacemaker and visionary ruler.

Author: David Hair
Title: Empress of the Fall
Language: English
Format: EPUB



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